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Award-winning film festival titles available only on Filmocracy

Why your library should partner with Filmocracy?

The Bleeding Edge of Film

Film Festivals on Filmocracy represent content never before accessed on any other platform. It’s the absolute first look before titles are picked up for distribution.

No minimum

Pay-as-you-go as each library members attends our events or pay one flat fee for all of your patrons each month

Educational Programming

Live filmmaker Q&A’s and industry panels happen daily on Filmocracy.

Special Events

Filmocracy can create private screenings, branded virtual spaces, and anything else your creative mind desires to create community engagement.

Thought provoking film festivals covering diverse and inclusive topics

We have film festivals that focus on pets, migration, climate change, and feminism. If there is a topic, there’s a film festival covering it.

Pricing Model

Simple pricing to accommodate different viewing habits.

Flat monthly

Flat Annual


Unlimited Content

Patrons can access the entirety of Filmocracy.

- Unlimited films (live & on-demand)
- Unlimited virtual Q&A’s, panels, and networking
- Lasts for the month

Films on Demand

Patrons can access our 6,000 film festival titles that are constantly refreshed + 3,500 catalog titles

- No platform fees
- No minimum guarantee

Community & Education

Patrons not only get entertained, but also get unprecedented film industry access

- Filmmaker Q&A’s
- Panels with industry experts
- Networking with directors, writers, and actors

Our pricing model provides libraries with an unprecedented offering to live, virtual events and allows them to fulfill their missions of democratizing information for communities around the world.

Enjoy film festivals from multiple devices

Use any browser to watch at filmocracy.com

Frequently asked librarian questions


Why should my public library offer Filmocracy to patrons?

Filmocracy provides unprecedented access to hundreds of film festivals around the world each year. The films that participate in festivals are exhibited before being acquired for distribution. Meaning your festival patrons get access to films before anywhere else.

What is the biggest challenge Filmocracy solves for the library?

Wider reach to bring new patrons into the library’s membership as well as increasing the interconnectivity of its members. Filmocracy’s virtual festivals always have live events where patrons can meet and have discussions. This is a completely unique offering that will increase patron activity and lead to a higher budget through improved metrics.

How does Filmocracy promote diversity and accessibility?

Filmocracy is available across multiple platforms and devices as well as having captions and live translation for virtual events.
Filmocracy is a worldwide platform with films from dozens of countries, showing films that are not typically viewable through libraries.

Is my library big enough to partner with Filmocracy?

Filmocracy partners with organizations of all sizes, large and small. It’s often the smallest who are the mightiest.

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